What services do we provide?

All our work is based on the philosophy that when mind, body, spirit and environment work together, this produces a state of health and happiness.

When there is disharmony, the result can be ill-health, distress and under-achievement in the individual or group.

My therapy space is warm, inviting and informal, as you can see from the picture to the right. This space can be adapted for individuals and groups. 

We provide a number of services including –

  • Individual (adults & young people) counselling, psychotherapy & coaching - see Is it for You?
  • Couples & relationship counselling
  • Small group work for personal development - see Events 
  • Supervision for qualified and trainee counsellors & psychotherapists. Please see The Reach Approach website for more information -
  • Post-graduate counselling/psychotherapy training for qualified therapists. The training is accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists & Complimentary Medical Association - see the main Reach website for more information
  • Programmes for organisations who wish to develop their most important resource – their staff 
  • I also provide counselling, psychotherapy, coaching, supervision & training over Skype 

The Reach Approach is a unique and unusual arrangement of many traditions and disciplines. Our approach doesn’t pretend that counselling-psychology has all the answers. In fact, we dare to say that, as wonderful a tool as counselling-psychology is, it is blunted by its failure to embrace other related and sometimes seemingly less related disciplines and we believe this undermines the effectiveness of many psychotherapeutic approaches. 

Other psychotherapeutic approaches can be found within our model, such as Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic Theory, Existentialism, Person Centred Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, Humanistic Therapies, Mindfulness, Transpersonal Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Brief Therapy & Motivational Interviewing, etc. However, in equal measure you will find evidence of psychoneuroimmunology (how moods affect the body), diet and nutrition, orthomolecular medicine (the use of nutrients to treat specific diseases), hydrotherapy (the therapeutic uses of water), metaphysics (how natural laws apply to our thoughts and feelings) etc. What we are able to demonstrate through our model is that these apparently diverse and opposing schools of thought are subtly and deeply connected, making our approach unique and also extremely effective.

Fees & availability

Individual counselling, psychotherapy & coaching - £40 for a full hour

Couples & relationship counselling - £40 for a full hour

Group work & training - varied prices

Supervision - £40 per hour, £60 per 1.5 hours 

Availability - please contact me to discuss your needs

A Conscience Driven Approach

In line with our philosophy and approach we believe in working in a conscience driven way.  What that means for you is that we don’t make excessive charges for our services and we ensure that we give you the very best attention and quality every time.  All we ask in return is that if you are unable to attend your session you afford us the respect of giving us at least 24 hours’ notice. This is because at any time there are 4 or 5 people who would happily take up any available space and so insufficient notice always denies someone else that opportunity.  We would ask you to ask yourself how you would feel if you were in crisis and needed that space? We accept that there will be exceptional circumstances when it simply isn’t possible to give this notice and we would of course respond to such events sympathetically.

In addition, we work with significant overheads, most of which the client never sees (e.g. research and preparation time, producing materials, accountancy fees, heating, lighting, phone bills, etc).  We of course also have to pay tax and national insurance.  This means that we generate only a small profit, sufficient to meet our needs and keep the practice running.  This is fine by us because we have chosen this path and so have no regrets about working in this way.  However, if a session is missed and not paid for we still incur all the above costs.  So we think you would agree it is not fair for us to bear the cost for missed sessions when insufficient notice has been given.  Under these circumstances we consider it reasonable to ask you to pay the agreed rate for that session. This enables us to continue offering a service where conscience and integrity transcend monetary concern. The ‘missed payment fee’ means any losses we incur are kept to a minimum and our mission to reach those most in need can continue. This conscience driven approach has proved successful for over twenty years.

This way of operating respects you and also respects us.  It respects you because you know you are working with people of integrity who have your best interest at heart.  It respects us because our hope is you won’t choose to abuse what we offer, nor deny others’ access to something that is equally important to them.  This is what we mean by a conscience driven approach: an agreement of the heart where all parties are acting in a spirit of consideration and humanity.  We hope you are happy to proceed on this basis and we thank you for your understanding and co-operation. Should you wish to discuss this further then please speak with your therapist.

"To love everyone results in the greatest benefit to oneself and to others"

Mo Tzu

(470 BC - 391 BC)