What brings people to Reach?

We believe that whether you’re suffering with anxiety, anger, panic, worry, fear, depression, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties or a loss of direction and meaning in your life, we can help....

We also believe that the philosophical model that has been developed over the past 30 years can be applied to individuals, groups and organisations, because at the end of the day, groups and organisations are made up of people, who function better when they believe in themselves.

Personal Therapy

The route to recovery and well-being is one that includes many methods and approaches, each having its own merits and values. Counselling and psychotherapy is literally a minefield of alternative approaches; some schools of thought being opposite in nature, whilst others have only subtle differences.  The research that has been done in this area clearly illustrates that the differences in the various therapeutic models may meet the needs of some individuals more effectively than others, however the different techniques and strategies that are available are not the most crucial components in assisting the individual in addressing their problem.  It is really the relationship that is established in therapy that dictates the final outcome.

Without establishing a relationship of trust, empathy, support, warmth and sincerity the goal of recovery and well-being is very difficult to attain.

Our style and approach is very much centred on this notion that: "relationship is paramount in therapy" and this philosophy flows through all aspects of our work.  The schools we draw from and the methods we employ come from right across the counselling and psychotherapeutic spectrum because as the evidence bears out, no one model, strategy, technique or approach is superior to the other; each has value and importance.  So the real skill is in integrating the different ways of working and matching what is most useful and relevant to the individual's concerns.

Personal therapy is really about creating tailor made packages that correspond to the individual's needs, this is what we offer.  After 2 or 3 sessions it is possible to assess what is likely to be effective in responding to what ever concern the individual has brought to therapy.  From there a loose framework for addressing the central issues can be mapped out, and work on dismantling the difficulties can begin.  This process in its detail will be different for each person because of their individuality and the nature of their problem, however the formula for achieving success is essentially the same for everyone, which is: a) identifying and clarifying the problem, b) understanding why it exists and what sustains it, c) dismantling the machinery that causes the internal blockages, misuse of our energies and keeps us enslaved to faulty beliefs and ideas.  And finally d) establishing alternative ways of living one's life which replace the negative tendencies that have either prevented or hindered personal growth.

Working through this formula will vary from case to case so it would be false to give actual time scales for addressing personal problems.  The only honest guidelines that can be given are very general ones, those accepted within the profession as fairly accurate are as follows: short term counselling is anything up to 12 sessions generally done at a rate of one per week.  Medium term counselling which is the category most cases fall into is generally anything up to 12 or even 18 months with sessions at weekly intervals.  Long-term therapy is described as anything beyond 12 to 18 months also at weekly intervals.

This article is designed to offer a small insight into how we work and to outline briefly what the process of therapy contains and how long it can take, it will undoubtedly raise other questions which can be dealt with in a face to face interaction, or over the phone, as it is impossible to address all the salient points here.  We hope this has been of some help.

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"No one can harm me without my permission"
Mahatma Gandhi
(1869 - 1948)